beth mccain 7787

Sometimes we strive for perfection and feel as if we are unhappy until the perfection we seek is found. Here’s a little secret; there is no perfection. There is no one way to get to being perfect. Perfection is a word. Each of us are perfect in our own way and what we consider perfect may be imperfect to another. How about we strive to be who we are and just agree that we each live an imperfectly perfect life that is perfect?

We can all make this world a better place. We each have different thoughts and feelings that direct us each day. One isn’t any better than the next when it comes to others and who we are.

We are all imperfectly perfect just as it should be. We have so much to do, so many lessons and understandings to learn, and so many thoughts to think. It can all be done to the best of our ability and we can call it a day. Perfection lays in the spiritual being that is having a physical experience my friend.