beth mccain 4453

Being a gentle person doesn’t necessarily mean that others walk all over you. Being gentle has always had a more lasting effect on an experience. It can soak in much deeper than any kind of strong force. Take a look at water. Water has amazing strength but it shows its strength through being fluid and without resistance yet it can wear down rocks into sand, it can bring down obstacles that are in its way. When you are calm and gentle with strong force and light from within there is no way to create a resistant vibration. And with no resistant vibration there can be no struggle, frustration, or anger.

Everyone has an inner strength. Having strength does not always mean being outgoing, speaking directly and bluntly, and having a bigger than life kind of personality. Strength comes in many forms. It is how you use that strength as to whether it becomes a resistant vibration.

Sometimes being gentle and using your inner light as the strength can create the best of experiences.