beth mccain 779

I used to wonder why there seem to be more bad than good in the world until I realized that just because society shows all there is negative doesn’t mean that there isn’t more positive in the world. If I put out thoughts and feelings of kindness and positivity then I am adding to the pot of thoughts and feelings in the world and if I continue to create and focus on the positive then I will be giving even more energy to the positive consciousness of the world. We’ve given too much time, focus, and importance to the negative stories of the life experience. It’s necessary that they are shown so that we can collectively do something to help change vibrations from negative to positive. We do something just by mentally ‘taking note’ and sending vibrations of protection and love and if we can do something physically to help then we can do it from a positive state of mind. We don’t have to focus on the negatives in the world;we can focus on the solutions and the positives in all things.

Just think, if we all came from a positive state of mind, heart, and spirit we will be contributing to the overall consciousness of ourselves and society. We can make it so that we don’t put as much focus on gossiping about who is not attractive or who wore bad looking clothes. We could make it so that it is the spirit of a person that is seen instead of the negative events around them.

How about it? How about today we make a pact to do our best to think kindness, think non judgment, and shift our focus to what really matters in life? Can you imagine if we all could do it? What a world it is AND could be.