beth mccain 2234

Have you ever had an experience that just keeps repeating itself in some way, shape, or form but feels like the experience you hoped that you had moved on from? When we try to avoid a problem it can seem as if it goes away at one point but if the lesson within the problem hasn’t been learned then the problem will show itself once again in some way but it will have the same exact feelings as the problem you avoided. You see, when we have a problem that we try to avoid or just shake off, it creates a vibration of resistance. And that resistant vibration brings you more of what you don’t want in life.

How about looking at a repetitive feeling experience as an old friend that is coming back to visit? How can you handle it differently than last time? How can you react or feel different in a way that feels much better than avoidance? How about shining light on the darkness within the problem so that you can really move on from it? Darkness can’t exist where there is light my friend.

Do your best to face the experience with an open mind and positive state of mind. You can look at the experience as an obstacle or you can look at it from a different point of view this time. Maybe this is the moment you will go beyond what you thought you could.

Be aware, open your heart and mind, and look at the experience with a whole other perspective this time. You will then be creating a whole new positive feeling vibration that will help you to inner grow and move on.