beth mccain 4453

From movies to society we have been given this image of love as if everything will be perfect when we find the love we are looking for and if we love with all our heart that we can overcome anything or anyone. But we must remember that love is not only about making it all feel right and positive. Love can also mean walking away with a healthy detachment to someone or something. When we have someone in our life that is causing only hurt then that is the time where you have to make a choice of loving them with detachment so that you don’t get wrapped up in their resistant feeling  vibration that they are in. Loving another doesn’t mean that you have to be dragged down to where they happen to be in life.

Everything that we experience is about love. We are unconditionally loved and are never alone in this beautiful Universe. We learn and experience about love through all our emotions. Even feeling the lack of love is a lesson in love. Feeling that lack is an indicator to go within and find that peaceful place that is connected to Universal love. It is always there. All experiences bring us back to love and the love and acceptance of self. Each emotion is a way for us to understand, experience, and find our way back to ‘we are forever unconditionally loved, we are enough, and all is well.’

Truly…all is well.