beth mccain 6657

Do your best to rid your life of the mental and physical negatives that harm you. The negatives only slow down the life you truly want to live. It’s human to have feelings and thoughts but we don’t have to concentrate on all that feels negative. When we shift our focus to what makes us feel good in our daily life; joy, happiness, love, kindness (just to name a few) you show your true self. Every relationship and every experience will be enriched when you show your true self. And if something or someone falls away from your positive nature then they may have fallen away because you have reached a higher level of vibration from the true self and have outgrown where they were. Other things and people will replace what fell away, others that fit your new vibration. By living from the true self within you will be living life authentically. When you align from the inside out you will find that life itself will align just as you had envisioned.

All that from just being yourself.