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Do you have people around you that you feel just don’t want the best for you? Maybe they are jealous or envious of your life or they try to sabotage any good feelings you might have. If you have someone in your life who doesn’t want the best for you then maybe they are the one who isn’t the best for you. We can’t always step away from someone who makes us feel bad but we do have a choice how we react and think about it all. We don’t have to take in their vibration but we can allow them to be who they are, whatever their motives, and not let it affect our vibration. They can only affect you if you let them. This doesn’t mean that you accept their treatment of you. Deal with what needs to be dealt with but make sure that you deal with it in a positive state of mind without acting like they did.  Then release it from within yourself. It’s not worth hanging on to a similar negative vibration that they tried to give to you intentionally or unintentionally.

Do your best to surround yourself with people who encourage you and your life.  They may not believe as you do but they support and respect you in what you believe just like you would do for them.