beth mccain 4445

When I was younger,  I would get upset with mistakes that I felt I had made. I wanted to be perfect according to what everyone deemed as normal and perfect. I would do my best and at times it still didn’t seem good enough. I found that I had created this illusion of what was perfect for life. Who was I kidding?

One day I had a realization that no matter what I did or who I was, there was going to be someone out there who didn’t agree with me or approve. I could take that in and believe them or I could do my best, expect that whatever happened was the best even if it didn’t look like it, and move on. I could brush their opinions of me off my shoulders and just be me. I could accept who I was, what I do, and know that truly there are no mistakes. I know that I did my best at the time and in hindsight I learned so much from the experience. How could it be a mistake when so much was taught to me about life in that one little experience?