beth mccain 9989

When we came to this physical world we were aware that we were going to be dealing with ego.  We knew this. We knew that the ego was going to be a part of our life experience. As we began to live life we seemed to think that the physical self with the ego attached was ‘running the life show.’ Everyone else was living that way so it must be right. As we lived through the ego instead of the spirit within, it became more of a challenge to even hear the inner self and eventually turning the inner self voice off. And we find that when the off button of the inner self has been turned off that life becomes more challenging and harder to live. We look for answers in the physical instead of within.

We begin looking for happiness outside of ourselves because we sense something is missing. We start to ignore the natural state of the inner self that is eternally full of joy, unconditional love, and acceptance and replace it with an emptiness thinking that the inner self is something made of fantasy and that real physical life is the answer. We start searching outside the self and we try to fit in, please others, look at someone and their life and try to attain what they have. And this whole time there is this feeling within that is constantly whispering ‘you are enough, come sit with me, all is well.’ It comes off as a feeling like something is missing and you search and search to find something to fill the emptiness within.

Guess what? Nothing has ever left you. That happiness, that unconditional love, the ‘all is well,’ is within you at this very moment. The inner spirit, the true you is eternal and forever there while the ego comes and goes.

Which do you want to depend on? How about listening and living from the inner self today?