Our self worth has nothing to do with money, success, fame, or fortune.  It has to do with what we do with our life experience on a daily basis. It is how we interact with others and how we love the self. It is about not harming another intentionally mentally or physically and living life the best way we see fit.

Sure, it’s nice to have money. We need money to live in a physical world. And it’s nice to have what money can give to life but it isn’t the end all be all and it isn’t what brings value to who we are. It’s important to ‘check in’ and see what your motives are when it comes to living your life. Is your motive to show others how great you are through what you have or is your motive to live your passions, love life, and inner grow through your experiences and not use success, fame, and fortune as your self worth/ 

Self worth can only come from within. Who you are right now is enough whether you have ‘it all’ or not.  You are worthy my friend.