Are you patient and loving with those that you don’t agree with? You see, we all make choices. Some of those choices we agree with and some we don’t. And the same goes for others. They may look at our choices as not being the best even though we think our choice is perfect.

When we step into feelings of frustration, impatience, and upset, we are creating a resistant vibration. That resistant vibration reaches out to others and experiences that will bring you more resistance.

Our resistant feelings are there for a reason. They tell us when we are feeling uncomfortable and coming away from our true nature within. Yes, sometimes those feelings of frustration can create us to act upon something that we normally wouldn’t have and that can be a good thing but if we use our frustration, impatience, or even anger from a place where we intentionally mentally or physically  harm another (including yourself), it is coming from the ego self that thinks it needs control. The ego  feels unworthy and uses fear and control as a way of possibly making itself feel better. Realize that anger, frustration, and hatred are truly not a part of the true nature of who you are. We can accept and unconditional love another even if they don’t make the same choices as we do.