beth mccain 66

I’ve heard many say that being positive is ignoring problems we all face in life. Hmmm, I see it a little differently. First of all I believe that every ‘problem’ that we face isn’t negative. Sure, it can feel resistant and upsetting but every problem we face is a chance to rise above the resistant vibrations and reach a place where we feel calm and clear.  The place where we know that this is just another experience for us to learn, understand, and grow through, that’s it. We can choose how we feel and think through the experience while dealing with it. We can choose to recognize that the Universe always has our back even during a upsetting experience and that ‘all is well’ at all times according to the spiritual self within. Reach that place within that is connected to the Universe and experience the upsetting moments from the spiritual self having the physical experience. That alone will calm the mind and heart.

Being positive isn’t ignoring or hiding the truth of the matter. Having a positive attitude is a tool to creating a more positive fulfilling life. Just because you have an experience that feels less than positive doesn’t mean that you can’t be positive about the outcome. Even if you are unable to find the positive in an experience just know that it is there. That is enough. When we see life through positive eyes it has a definite strong influence in the direction of our life experiences. We can deal with what we have been dealt in the most positive frame of mind possible.