Oh, that ego. The ego mind can tap, tap, tap at your mind and want you to compare yourself to others.  It tells us that if we don’t become number one that we have somehow failed. Ego is one of our valuable ongoing lessons in this physical world. It tries to tell us that we will be so much more if we accomplish, succeed, and compete. It tries to tell us that we have to be a certain way in order to be worth something.

But ego… is afraid. It is afraid that you may set it aside and remember that all you are is enough. It fears that you will live from the inside out instead of from the outside in.

Know that ego is a part of our human experience. It teaches us through its fear of not being good enough and not having enough. It teaches us to go within and connect to the Universe to find that we are loved and are enough just as we are. We can take the ego bull by the horns though. We can let it know that we can live without all the drama. We can use the healthy ego for confidence and self worth but the shallow ego that thinks it is the most important can stay out of the picture.

You are enough my friend.