beth mccain 6657

No matter what we have to do in a day, whether it is positive or negative, we tend to anticipate what we’re about to do. The excitement of a celebration, the stress of going to the workplace, the joy of a birth, the apprehension of meeting someone that you don’t care for…anticipation.

When we anticipate the experiences in life we are living in the ‘could be’ future and not in the present. When we look at a future event in a way that creates anticipation we are in fact creating a vibration of what ‘could be.’ So many of us enjoy the anticipation of a joyful event but at the same time anticipate the ‘what if’ of someone who may be at that event or something might go wrong. We send out a mixed vibration for the Universe to answer and send back to us in some way, shape, or form.

How about expecting and not anticipating? How about expecting the best outcome no matter what? How about sending out a vibration that ‘all is well’ and will be no matter where you may be headed for the day? How about living in the moment and enjoying that moment while knowing that things will unfold for your best no matter what.

Let your day unfold with your best positive vibration foot stepping forward. No anticipation, no fear, no worry, no negative…just expectations of ‘all is well.’