beth mccain 33432

Do you ever have one of those days where you are actually aware of the feelings and thoughts you put out into the Universe and they come back in another way, shape, or form and you say, “Ahhh…I see…”

We don’t always ‘get it’ when we put a strong vibration out and then it comes barreling back but in a whole new way. It still feels like what we sent out but has a different form. That is the way of the Universe. It brings to us what we put out.  It brings us the core feeling of what we sent and finds a way to ‘answer back.’ If we kept this in mind as we go about our day we might be more inclined to think from the heart instead of a rash decision or strong emotion of anger.  This is not to say that we don’t get angry but we can defuse before it gets the best of us. Being aware and inner working are two of the pieces of the puzzle to having a steady enjoyable kind of life.

Kindness will always come back to you. It may not come back through the person you gave it to but it will come back. Practice kindness my friend and you will have a life of kindness.