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Many people work hard to try to impress another by how they dress or by what they do. They may even try to earn respect or adoration from another.

Here’s the thing…we have no control over how another perceives us. When we realize that when we live, act, and be in the best and ‘right’ way by our standards then that is enough. Ask yourself if you are trying to please others when making choices that pertain to your life. If you are, then ask yourself what would you do if it had nothing to do with pleasing another. Would you make the same choice?  I’m not saying not help others. I am talking of your life experience in general. It is wonderful to please another through a surprise or because you love them but if you give up who you are and live to please everyone else then it is time to think about you and your happiness. When you’re happy then  others around you that want to be a part of the ‘true’ you, and your happiness, will stay right by your side without having to give up your life for others.

Live for you. Dress in what you love. Do what you love to do. Live a life that you feel is respectful in the way you want to live. You can’t please everyone but you can please and love who is one of the most important people in your life…you.