beth mccain 4453

I listened as a friend told me all about how her family was to blame for how her life was. She spent a full hour using her energy complaining all about how her sister did this to her and her mom did that. After she was done talking I asked her gently, “You mean you give them that much power?”  She was silent for a moment and then a light went on.
She knew. We had been inner working together for some time and had been working on blaming others for her life. I had explained to her that no one is responsible for her life but her. Blaming others is a way of letting them control your life whether they know it or not.

You see, when we blame others we are taking our power and handing it right over to the person we are blaming. We are telling others that they are responsible for our life instead of you being responsible for your life. Others can be blamed but you always have a choice in how you handle the experience.

How about looking at your part in the experience and ask yourself what can be learned from it all? When we are able to look objectively at our predicament we are no longer blaming others or ourselves. We are actually opening up and becoming aware of what we can learn and grow.

Let go of blaming others. This is your life and no one can control it but you. Don’t give others your power through blaming. Others are not responsible for your life…you are.