golden chain 1

Yesterday as I drove around looking for a parking space I spotted bright metallic purple glaring off the sun in front of the frozen yogurt shop. As I looked a little closer, I saw four elderly women celebrating someone’s birthday. They were all dressed up and wore pointy purple metallic princess hats with purple boas. As they giggled and talked I could see they were celebrating and enjoying the moment. For a split second I saw four young giddy girls laughing and carrying on at a tea party. I wondered if these women had known each other all their lives. Maybe they have been celebrating birthdays together since they were children. Something compelled me to park and let them know that their celebrating and smiling was contagious. I walked up to their table with the four walkers sitting beside them and asked, “Whose birthday is it?”

At the same time they all said, “It’s no one’s birthday!” They all began to giggle. “We’re celebrating being alive.”

I asked how long they had known each other.

One Bea Arthur like woman with a twinkle in her eye said, “Most of us  just became friends yesterday.”

I couldn’t believe it. They seemed as if they had known each other all their lives.

“We live in a retirement community and Cee Cee just moved in to the complex.”

“I’m Cee Cee” said a small frail looking woman with stark white hair and bangs. “My husband just passed away a few months back and I promised him I would live my life to the fullest as if he was there so…we’re celebrating being alive. Everybody is so fast paced these days and we thought we would take a day and just celebrate breathing and being alive.”

I looked at them all and said, “I want to be you when I grow up.”

I got a group hug and one of them patted me on the back with her teeny little gnarled hand.

“Would you like to celebrate with us? We could always use a youngster.”

I let them know I couldn’t stay but that what they had said spoke volumes to me.

When I get the urge to get in the busy fast lane in life I will remember the four princesses with the pointy hats disguised as little old women with walkers and remember to celebrate and enjoy each moment of living.

How about it? How about we take time to celebrate being alive today? What an amazing experience, don’t you think? Being spiritual beings having a physical experience is quite a ride! 🙂