beth mccain 33432

Miracles never cease. Everyday there are miracles; spring blooms coming up out of the ground every single year, your body automatically doing all the things it is expected to do, the sun rising and setting, a newborn coming into the world, a healing in a situation you never thought was possible …the list goes on and on. It is what you consider to be a miracle that brings miracles into your life.

Many want a miracle yet refuse to see that life, in and of itself, is miraculous. When you see through the eyes and heart that everything is extraordinary then it will be just that. Many think that a miracle is only something that is uncommon and out of the ordinary with swelling music to let them know ‘here is a miracle.’ It doesn’t always work that way. It is our state of mind that opens us up to accepting and seeing miracles in life.

Miracles are an everyday occurrence. It isn’t that miracles are absent in our life, it could be that we are absent in mind of seeing miracles. How about looking at any and every thing as a miracle today? You will find that the ordinary will become the extraordinary and miracles will abound.