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There are times when I open up my browser and I am barraged with the negative that is going on in the world; animal abuse, shootings, who’s in trouble. It can seem that anyone will put it up on the internet. It’s easy to say, “Just don’t watch the news or read that article” but sometimes it can feel as if you are ‘drawn in.’

It happens to the best of us. I don’t ignore or deny anything that may be happening in the world but I do my best to ask myself, before I open up an article or listen to a news video, if it is something that I truly need to read. Is it something that really is necessary for me to know.  If I do then I get ready to send, whatever the news is about, some heavy positive vibrations. That is where I begin. If I open up the article and I can’t do a thing about what is happening then I shift my focus to what I can do and that is send prayers, positive thought, or any other kind of ‘blessings’ that could help the situation. You see, you aren’t powerless. Each positive vibration you send to a negative situation will help anyone that is ready for a good positive vibration within the situation. This means you have done something to help. Your positive thought is just as important as any physical action you may take to help.  If you can do both then that is wonderful but know that your vibrations truly can change a situation that feels as if there are no answers or negative.

If I’m able to help somehow in another way I will but I know that my positive vibrations full of support, love, and healing is lending a hand and heart can be enough.