beth 787

I had picked the busiest time to run in the store for some last minute items. People were grumbling and complaining about no parking spots, the long lines, and the screaming babies. People were rushing in the too small aisles and everyone wanted to be first. As I picked up some apples I watched as everyone around me were pushing and complaining to get to where they needed to be.

That is what most people saw that day.  As you know I am a ‘half glass full’ kind of girl. Everyone in the store was having their experience through their perception. What did I see? Well, when I had to park quite a ways away from the store I thought to myself ‘Oh good…I’m getting in some extra exercise.’ When I saw one of the babies screaming I looked to see what was going on. His mother was embarrassed but going as fast as she could as her little tyke screamed. I realized he wasn’t screaming because he was upset, he was screaming because we were in the frozen section and every noise was amplified. He was screaming because it was fun not because he was being a little imp. I could see the pure joy in his eyes as he took in a deep breath and screamed as loud as he could just to hear his scream amplified. I saw two little girls screaming with delight as they put their faces up against the ice cream refrigeration and could see their breath because of the cold. As I got in line I had to wait just like everyone else but it gave me some time to fine tune my skills of drowning out noise and getting in some envisioning and grateful time.

You see, we all see something different even though it is the same experience. It is all in how you look at it. What future days are you creating through your every day grumbles? Where will your perception be today?