beth mccain 5565

There are some days that, no matter what you have planned, it heads off in a whole other direction. We can either get frustrated at what we didn’t get done or we can see where the day takes us and go with the flow of where we are being led.

You see, as long as you know what you want in life and you accept that it will come to you all in the time it should, then wherever your day takes you is a part of how you are to get where you want to go in the bigger picture of it all. The detours may just be a part of opening you up to a new vibration that is needed to have what you envision. We can only see a small portion of the whys and hows of each experience but the Universe sees the whole picture. The Universe knows what you need to know in order to get where you want to be. Trust and know you are always heading down the right path toward what you envision even if you have to take a few scenic detours. Sometimes the detours lead us in a whole other amazing direction that we could have never dreamed of.