beth 9989

Every single day assumptions and judgments are made. Maybe you make an assumption about someone in your grocery line or a judgment about what someone is wearing. Maybe you look at your boss or employee and think what a ridiculous decision that was.  Here’s the thing…every single one of us make choices based on what we see, know, and feel. We use our past experiences as well as what we think would be the best way. Sometimes those choices are made from ego, sometimes those choices are made from only our logical self, and sometimes those choices are made from the heart. No matter where they came from a choice was made. This doesn’t make that person ‘less’ in any way, shape, or form. They made a choice based on what they were feeling and thinking at that moment. We don’t have to like what others do or say but we can step away from assuming and judging that their choices are ridiculous or ‘not right.’ They are doing it their way and are learning.  Maybe they are learning the ‘hard way’ or not at all but it is their choice. We can accept who they are and their choice and then inner work on how we can move on within the mind and move on so that our judgment doesn’t affect our vibrations.

We all do our best even if it doesn’t look like the best. Do your best to step aside from assuming you know all about everyone else and their choices. Live from ‘within’ first. See and feel with your heart first and then work through the logical mind. The two together make an amazing team in our life experience. Have a healthy ego but do your best not to step over into living the ‘big’ ego of self importance. We are all here together learning, understanding, and growing through the inner self and have amazing physical bodies and minds to help us along.