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Life has many unexpected turns. It’s a part of living life. But we do have a choice in how we react, think, and feel during the unexpected. Remember that it is only the experience that is unexpected. The experience isn’t you. No matter what we go through in life it is just an experience that is giving you the chance to fine tune, understand, learn, and grow through.  It is how we react, think, and feel during the experience that can create an unsettled vibration or a calm, steady vibration. We can still be who we are. We don’t have to let the unexpected experience deter us. We can look at the experience from all sides, accept, do what we can, and learn and understand through it all but we can still have our strong spirit intact just as before. We can observe and learn without the experience swaying who we are.

I’m not saying to ignore your feelings at all. Just be aware that, no matter what, you are still the person you have always been and it is yet another chance to higher your vibration to a more steady, positive vibration as you go through the experience.