beth mccain 4445

I’m amazed at how we are as humans. There’s times where we fight our inner being and try to live only through our logical minds and physical world. But we are much more than a physical being. We have an inner being and that inner being knows everything that is happening, everything that has happened, and what our future holds. Our inner being holds on to all of our information from our lifetime.  It gives us every opportunity to learn and understand what we need to. It is able to take what we do, think, and feel from our experiences and reduce it down to what we wanted to learn and understand through it all. If we didn’t ‘get’ the lesson or understand the first time then we’ll get another chance. We will continue to have another chance, and another, and another until we ‘get’ it. And sometimes, if we don’t ‘get’ it, when it cycles around again, it comes on with stronger force. The strength of the force depends on how stubborn and controlling we become.  The more we deny it, the stronger it comes on. The lesson will cycle as many times as needed until we get it.

It’s yet another reason to do the inner work needed to release our need for control and digging our heels in the ground. Learn and understand with ease by stepping away from the need to control. Let those lessons come and go easily instead of creating a greater force of intensity for you to learn and understand from.