beth mccain 5565

“I wish I could be positive but…” Many feel that there is something that gets in the way every single day. They feel that they want to be positive and see the cup ‘half full’ but they say outer circumstances and people get in the way.

“I was trying to be positive today but my husband and I got in an argument and it blew my whole day.”

“I was trying to be positive but I got this phone call…”

“I was trying to be positive but I got laid off today.”

“I was trying to be positive but my ex forgot to pick up the kids and I had to do it.”

“I was trying to be positive but it rained today.”

Every day there can be a reason why you just can’t follow through with being positive and each reason is an excuse so that you don’t have to change your way of thinking and feeling. That way you can go back to the feeling of uncomfortably comfortable in life. Yet being positive can actually change your perception and ultimately change your life experience.

Isn’t it worth doing the ‘inner work?’ On one hand you can have a day full of ups and downs and focus on all that is negative or you can have a day of ups and downs and focus on all that is positive. Both ways you are creating vibrations and heading in a direction. But when you ‘try’ to be positive and let experiences or people get in the way of your happiness and positivity, then you are the one responsible for stepping aside from being positive. When we say that we’ll ‘try,’ it means that maybe it will work. How about ‘I am’ positive and not just try?

You see, every day you will encounter an experience that you have a choice in. You have a choice whether to get involved in all the dramas of the day or deal with what is happening and then release the negative feelings and get back to the positive side of the street.

It is that simple. Do your best not to mull over all the experiences that seem to pull you off track. It takes inner work toward seeing things from a positive perspective every single moment.