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Before I get to my ‘to do’ list each day, I take a few minutes to focus on what I want to experience in life. I do my best not to get caught up in the daily ‘to dos’ and just imagine where I want my life to go. Then, as I go about my day, if my mind shifts to what I envision then I smile, know, trust, and let go, and then continue on about my day.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in our day that we can forget to think about what we want in life.  It’s important to take time to focus on what direction you want life to go in. Whether you just want to be happy and successful, or want something specific, take the time to imagine. Imagining and visualizing leads to thinking beyond your current life experience. Those vibrations can move you in the direction you want to go.

Here’s a very important key to living your dreams. The key is to know and trust it will happen in the time it should. Many get excited about ‘their dream’ but then bring in doubts and fear that it may never happen. Those fears and those doubts bring a vibration that will slow down the process. Impatience is another that creates the process to slow to a crawl. Live each day in the moment and enjoy life. Each time it comes across your mind about what you want in life…smile, know, trust, and let go. Do your best not to be one iota of impatience or doubt toward what you envision. Learn and understand what is opened up before you with a glad heart. What you learn and understand will open up yet another door to where you wanted to go. Each experience serves a purpose.

How about starting today? How about letting go of all the fear, doubt, and impatience and smile, know, trust, let go, and live with joy in your heart. You do the inner work and what you envision is guaranteed.