beth mccain 9989

Do you give advice from the heart or from the ego? Many times when we give advice we want the advice to be taken. And if the advice is taken then we feel as if we were somehow responsible for the success of another. We feel bigger and better somehow. When we give advice and think in this way then we are giving advice in order to feed our ego. You can tell if it comes from the ego by how you are feeling and thinking. If it comes from a place where you would be upset if they didn’t take your advice then it comes from ego. If it comes from a place where you think it was all because of your suggestion that they have done well then it comes from ego.Sometimes it can begin as wanting to help another but then it becomes all about you within the mind.

But when it comes from the heart it is a whole other thought and feeling. If it comes from a place where you are giving suggestions because they asked for advice and you want to help through your own experiences then it comes from the heart. If it comes from a place where, whether they take your advice or not, you still accept them and their decisions for their life then  it comes from the heart. When we give from the heart we don’t worry about if they take the advice or not. The advice is given as honestly as possible to help another. We don’t push our advice and try to make them feel wrong if the advice isn’t taken.

Every strong feeling coupled with thought will create a vibration in your life that will repeat itself. When we live by ego then you will have experiences that create lessons that give you more to ‘ego’ about but when feeding the ego it doesn’t feed the soul. Living through ego only creates experiences that are ‘mind’ driven.  You are so much more than a mind. You are an amazing spirit that doesn’t have to use the ego to feel better about who you are. Ego is a front for insecurity and fear.

How about living from the heart today? How about in everything you do…live from the inside out and not the outside in. Live from the heart my friend.