beth mccain 66

When I get up in the morning I stretch not only my body but my mind and heart. Each step I take I keep focused on the task at hand with appreciation. When I open up the curtains, I think of the beauty of our beautiful yard creating positive vibrations. When I make breakfast I think of the joy the food brings to my taste buds. When I sit down to have coffee I think of how much fun my parents are when they are puttering around and just ‘being’ as we talk over our coffee. I do my best to enjoy every moment and really ‘be’ in that moment. I know that the more I focus on joy and appreciation it creates a vibration for more to come. Why focus on the negative? Why would I want to create negative in my life?

No matter what you are doing today, make positivity a part of every moment. Create more joy, create more laughter, create more fun. Every moment that you create those wonderful feelings and thoughts, you are creating your tomorrows to have more of the same.