beth mccain 7789

Do you find yourself with this kind of mentality? You wake up, decide that it is going to be a great day, you’re going to stay positive no matter what, and you roll out of bed with a spring in your step.  Then you walk into the bathroom to find the floor is soaking wet. All the positive energy you just had went right out of your toes and into the water. For the rest of the day you have changed, what once was a great choice of thinking positive, to complaining about all that goes wrong in your day.

When you make a choice to create a day full of positive vibrations it’s important to keep it first and foremost within your mind in all your experiences. It can be easy to be dragged down by the little things that seem to culminate into big things. But when we succumb to the vibrations of being dragged down we are creating more of the same kind of vibration. Part of the ‘inner work’ as being a spiritual being having a physical experience is learn to shift the human mind to a more ease filled steady vibration creating a ‘hum’ of vibrations that goes out from our inner self and into the Universe. You call will be answered whether you are upset or feeling good.

Use your positivity today. No matter what do all you can to stay in the positive. If you have one of ‘those’ moments, deal with it and then move on. Don’t let it be what dictates your day. Shift back to the positive. Find anything around you that gives you a good feeling. If you are sitting among others who are complaining and whining don’t become a part of their vibration by joining in. Think ‘within’ about what is good about where you are in life and if you can’t think of something, dwell on the fact that there IS a positive that you just can’t see yet.

Positive, positive, positive…no matter what.