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This morning my daughter and I were talking about one of her classes she is taking. It was a requirement and she dug her heels in. She didn’t want to like the class or anything about it. The class was women’s studies. She felt the class was going to tell her how ‘bad’ males are and how ‘good’ females are. Our discussion this morning turned into a sharing experience of moments in our lives and she now understands why she was directed to take the class.

Each and every one of us has a moment in life that can be deemed as traumatic. Whether it was a violent argument, an attack on the self physically or mentally, or an experience we were unable to control and our own being was threatened.

Yes, I’ve had a couple of those moments. Do they still come to mind? I’m human…of course. But what I have noticed is, as they come to mind, they change in how I perceive them. And little by little, step by step, they lose their power as I ‘inner work’ through them. They don’t come up ‘just because.’ They come up to you as a moment to experience, learn, grow, understand, and move on.  ‘Move on’ being the keys words. So often we blame others for experiences someone else  created that spill into our lives. And so often we blame ourselves for experiences as well but realize that no matter what, you did what you thought was best at the time. The experience can’t be changed but your perception of the experience…can.  When your perception changes then the experience begins to fad because you have expanded your mind and heart to understand…what a feeling.

As I look back over my own experiences that left ‘their mark,’ I know why I didn’t fight. I know why I didn’t protest even more. I was protecting myself. I was protecting my own spirit. If I fought back then someone was trying to control me and at the time, in my mind, I had to ‘not fight’ so that I felt I was the one in control. Does that make any sense? This is a physical body I live in. No one was going to control my spirit as well. If the experience happened again…I would react much differently. I would fight for me. I know that now. It’s amazing how something that can happen many years ago still come up, isn’t it? Yet it is there for a reason. That experience opened doors to understanding for me and how to stand up for who I am. I would have liked it in a whole other way but it is what it is. Now, it is but a memory with all the hard earned ‘higher thought’ lessons taking its place.

Nothing ever comes into our lives unless we are ready for it. We may not feel ready but we are. Stand up to the moment and then move on to better things my friend.