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It’s easy to get reeled in to fear, isn’t it? To assume the worst before assuming the best? It’s human after all. We’ve been taught to be prepared for any and all worst case scenario so we won’t be caught not being able to handle it. Be prepared, right?

Fear and caution are two different things. Fear is this overwhelming ‘oh my gosh,’ stomach in throat kind of feeling. It is a heavy over looming feeling and thought of ‘what if THAT happens.’ Caution is being careful of the things that can hurt the human body and mind. We know to be cautious when we are near an open flame, we know to be cautious looking down off a cliff, we know to be cautious of someone who is hurting others.  That is taking care of the physical self but fear is a whole other realm.

Yesterday, as I sat at the kitchen table, my mom was concerned that everyone in the house was going to get pneumonia. Lee is getting over it, Peanut is getting over it, Sissy has a cough, and Dad and Mom are doing fine. But she headed down the road of the fear of ‘what if WE get it? The flu shot isn’t working this year. What if, what if?’  Sure, it could happen but it could not happen as well. I gave her hand a pat and said, “Mom it could happen but it hasn’t and until then how about we just enjoy the day and be cautious of keeping things germ free? Does that sound like a plan? And if someone gets sick then we will take care of it but how about we see the positive today instead of focusing on the fear of ‘what if?”

How about it? How about focusing on the best case scenario instead of the worst case? Each vibration is taking you somewhere. I prefer to be in the best scenario, don’t you? So no matter who is around you, what you are experiencing, or what your fear tells you just know that the best most positive scenario is there as well and shifting focus to that is what will create an easier flow toward the best experience.

Take a deep breath in, let it out, and live in this moment.