beth mccain 7787

Feeding the cat, opening up the curtains, getting the coffee pot going, brushing teeth…the small stuff that we do every single day. This morning as I was going through my morning rituals I find that I enjoy the small stuff. The small stuff gives me a good feeling of getting things done. Yes, they are things that have to be done but we can either resent them and hurry through them or just enjoy the moment of getting things done. How does this affect the ‘overall’ picture of life? Your everyday reactions to the repetitive habits in life affect your ‘overall’ picture of life immensely.

In the morning you can wake up and rush through all that you have to do and then continue about your day with whatever else must be done. You can begrudge, resent, and even blame life for the things you have to get done. You can wish they were finished so you can get to something else. You can eat your breakfast and plan out all that has to be done and get tired just thinking about it or you may rush out the door with breakfast in hand knowing that by the end of the day you have even more things to do. Sounds and feels exhausting and well, negative doesn’t it?

Or you can get up in the morning and go about your normal routine with a skip in your step. Enjoy what you know you have to do or at least keep a neutral feeling about it all. Why put any kind of negative energy toward what you know has to be done? That negative energy is being built day after day and creating more of the same in other areas in your life. If you begin to focus on the small stuff and the joy or pleasure you can think and feel about it, then you are creating a better feeling vibration that affects your ‘overall’ picture. It is in the repetitive patterns that we have that create a major portion of how we live.