There are times where we can focus on all the small annoyances of life. Each and every day the annoyance comes to mind. We repeat it within our mind and create yet another vibration of annoyance. We then continue to create what annoys us in some way, shape, or form but there is another way. You can accept the daily annoyance as just a part of life and let go of the feelings attached. Sure, you want to get a ‘move on’ and not have to, once again, take out the trash but know that it has to be done. Accept the fact instead of building yet another annoying vibration that is going to create more of the same. It takes ‘inner work’ to work through all the little things in life that we would rather not be doing but once you are aware, accept, shift your focus, and be grateful for even those annoying chores. You will then move forward into a better feeling place.  The little vibrations can make all the difference in the ‘big’ scheme of things.

Each morning as I get ready, I search out what I am grateful for instead of annoyed at. I found this morning that I had a few more annoying vibrations that I wasn’t even aware of. I became aware because Lee isn’t here. He is in the hospital. I crawled out of bed quietly out of habit. I turned on the bathroom light instead of the room light because normally Lee is sleeping and I don’t want to wake him up. I dig around in my drawers for clean socks that I can’t see because I can’t turn on the light. Each morning I wish that I could see in my drawer but I know the light can’t come on for Lee. This morning I realized how ridiculously annoyed I was at this little teeny tiny thing of seeing in my drawer. I would much rather have Lee here sleeping in our bed and me being quiet and not being able to see the socks. This may sound small to you but for me…it is big. I inner work daily. I do my best to go with the flow of life, keep in a balanced state, listen and be aware, and do my best to keep the positive vibrations flowing forever working on aligning the body, mind, and spirit. This little annoyance showed me what is important. Not that I didn’t know Lee was important but it made me realize…just socks…so what.  We learn so many things about ourselves through change and what we do with what we learn is the key to life unfolding.

So I have matching socks this morning but you know what? I would much rather have my husband here with me than be able to see in my drawer. Yet another moment of unfolding…even the small stuff.