beth mccain 2212

Do you hold on to anger? Do you kept mulling it over and over again within your mind that you actually keep it alive? Instead of working through the anger and letting go, you feel as if you are stuck in the mud and unable to move forward. Anger is a heavy emotion, isn’t it? It can create resentment which only eats at you and becomes even heavier on your shoulders. The only way to move beyond the anger is working through it and letting it go. The only way that you can grow is to let go and move on from resentment and anger.

Anger does serve a purpose. It can help to get us to move beyond where we currently are but that is only if we move on and not sit and wallow in it. How about letting go of the anger and lifting the load off your shoulders? It’s only hurting you my friend. Letting go is the only true way to lighten your load.