beth mccain 1

If you focus only on success, then success becomes the ‘end all be all’ and you forget about actually living life. But if you focus on the everyday moments of living, and go after what you love to do, then you will create a full life. You see, when you do what you love and focus on that vibration you most likely will create a life full of success and be living the life you desire.

It is not the other way around my friend. If you are chasing after success in your life, then you lose sight of what your passions are.  If you don’t have passion about life then you aren’t really living and success will be elusive. But if you focus on what is one  (or many!) of your passion, your moments of each day with a grateful heart, and keep shifting your focus to the positives in life instead of the negatives, you will find that life reveals success.  Go after what is in your heart and trust that it will unfold just as it should. If you are in a place that you don’t like at the moment then take your free moments to think and act on your passions and be grateful for your current life experience. Continue to know, without a doubt, that your passions are what will be your success in life and it will come to pass all in the time it should.