beth mccain 5565

Many times what someone thinks of their self is actually what someone else has told them to be. Maybe they act a certain way to please another or try to meet someone’s expectations of who they think they should be. And many times they do all they can to fit into the picture of what someone else considered ‘right’ or normal. Yet when they try to be what someone else wants them to be, they have a feeling that something is missing. Some become depressed and not know why. Some become angry with life and then others fall victim to having a life they don’t want to live.  And then there are some that chase an elusive image of who they think they are supposed to be.

One of our purposes on this earth is to be ourselves. We come to learn more about love. We come to learn that self love is just as important as loving another. It is in love that we find the answers to most everything.

Take a moment and ask yourself if you are being who you truly are or are you an imitation of what another wants you to be so that you will feel and be accepted. Loving the self is an open door to living life in the fullest my friend. Accept who you truly are.