beth mccain 793

It can be difficult to say no to someone, can’t it? It’s hard to say no when someone has the trust and confidence in us when they ask us to do something for them. Being human we want to be able to be the person they are expecting and wanting us to be by helping them. But sometimes we have to make sure it is something  that we can actually do. There are times where we want to fulfill a promise but we end up getting all upset and frustrated because we bit off more than we can chew which creates a feeling of being unworthy because we let someone down and that is a part of low self-confidence issues. It’s important to ask yourself whether it is worth it or not. Is the adoration or the not being able to say no really worth it? How about being honest from the very beginning so that you don’t build any resistant feeling vibrations?

It’s a part of self growth, my friend. Being able to say no so that you don’t over commit yourself and then have to live with the repercussions. You’re not a horrible person for saying no.  You are creating a positive balanced vibration.