beth mccain 9989

If you do what you love you will find that your heart will be full of joy and you will do well.  It is when you focus on success and making money that you forget about actually living. You get so wrapped up in being successful that you no longer live for what you love but you live for making a living. If you focus on what you love and on living your life you will have an amazing chance of making money and being successful.

Funny how it works, don’t you think? It’s built into us to continually fine tune what we want in life by how we feel, think, and have passion for. It is when we step away from the joy of living and only think of ‘how’ to live and be successful that we become unsettled and unhappy. We can’t understand why something feels as if it is missing.

Enjoy life my friend. Do something you love to do every single day. Build your passion for life so that just living life is your success because really, that is what it is all about.