beth mccain 2234

When you feel that you have some sense of order in your life but you use control to make it happen, then life will be full of stress and limitations. When you feel that you have some sense of order and you try to push rules and boundaries to make it happen, then you are going to have a life full of struggles. It is when the order of life comes from within and has a ‘go with the flow’ kind of feel to it then life moves along effortlessly and with peace.

Ask yourself what have you been creating in your life? Learning to live from the inside out creates a positive flow to life. The inner you knows that everything is going to be fine no matter what direction it takes you. The inner self learns from each experience and helps you to expand your own ‘being.’ When you live life from a positive state of mind and know that whatever direction you are going and know it will come to what you envision life has a much easier flow.  Do your best not to push against what you don’t want and just accept where you are and move on in thought. When you accept, move on in thought FIRST, and then know the right time will come just as it should, you will begin to see an easier more peaceful flow to life.  Enjoy each moment instead of anticipating what is coming next. Enjoy life my friend. 🙂