beth mccain 7787

So many times we make a decision that just isn’t ready to be made quite yet. We push ourselves into a choice. Maybe, just maybe,  you don’t have to make a decision quite yet. It’s okay not to know for awhile. Just know there is an answer and it will show itself all in the right timing.

In this day and age it feels as if we have to have instantaneous answers for everything.  There are some things that just have to simmer for a while. It’s okay not to know quite yet. Yes, some can procrastinate so that they don’t have to make a choice but that is different from what I am saying. Take a moment to relax and calm yourself. Ask yourself if the time is now ‘to know.’ If it’s not then go about your daily life knowing that it will show itself when the timing is right. Just keep asking yourself each day but don’t focus solely upon it. It is when we let go of an answer when the answer can show itself. In the meantime, live life in the best way you know how.