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When we envision and dream about life, we are taking ‘the real of life’ and going beyond the limits of what we currently are experiencing. When we dream, we don’t have to adhere to what is ‘maybe’ possible. We can reach beyond the possible. We can create whole new avenues of possibilities that have never been thought of before. Dreaming can sometimes not feel safe and secure when it comes to thinking with the logical mind. As humans we want to have some kind of control and control and limits are created by the logical mind.  But dreaming feels so very real and wonderfully safe to our spirit.  And the spirit is capable of anything. Yes, anything. Your spirit is the one that knows…

Think about how it feels to dream the positive of ‘what if.’ Doesn’t it feel good? Doesn’t it feel ‘light’ somehow? Doesn’t it feel ‘right’ within and possibly even attainable? When we think beyond the limits of our current life, we are creating a vibration of unlimited. We are creating a thought coupled with a feeling that sends a vibration out into the Universe. THAT vibration will create your future. Dreaming isn’t only for children. Dreaming is a key to living the life you truly desire.