beth mccain 221

It seems that we are always striving for something more. We think that if we get to the place where our work is perfect, we make a certain amount of money, we get it together and get rid of all our issues, that we can then relax and just live. And when we get to ‘that spot’ and we feel as if we have security and things are ‘just right’ then something shakes us up to where we have to begin again.

We came here to experience life and part of experience life is having ups and downs and seeing how we can grow and learn through it all. Wouldn’t it just be easier to look at life as a continual journey and just open up to the cycles of growth that are inevitable letting go of expecting perfection and just live and be?

When you let go of the resistance that you hold, you will find that things become a lot smoother and calm in life. Know what you want, envision what you want, and then let go of the feelings and thoughts that keep the life you want from happening. Where you are right now is exactly where you should be.  Accept, let go, and move on from resistant vibrations.