beth mccain 4453

When someone is referred to as a ‘Pollyanna,’ they are usually saying that the person they are referring to ignores the negative and only sees the positive and she sticks her head in the ground and refuses to see the physical of life.  What we should strive to be is someone who accepts that there is a negative who enjoys searching and finding the positive that there is within that negative, thereby creating positive out of the negative.

We don’t want to ignore the physical world.  That wouldn’t make sense now, would it? We came here to experience physical life as a spiritual being. And part of being physical are the lessons, cycles, and patterns of being human.  And part of being human are challenges to help us grow. We can look at them as challenges OR we can look at them as lessons and a growth experience. We can step away from resisting all we deem ‘negative’ and realize that really, every experience just moves us a little farther along. Staying in a positive frame of mind will create more positive.