beth mccain 33431

When we gossip or say anything that keeps someone else down, we are actually put our time and energy in making sure we keep them down. Did you know that when you keep another down with your thoughts or feelings that you are actually taking away from your own energy? When you keep another down you are keeping yourself down. Is it really worth it?

Why would you want to keep another down through idle gossip or jealousy and envy? And why would you want to keep yourself there as well? Let go of the need to keep another down. Some do it consciously and others doing it unconsciously. Make a conscious effort not to talk about others and keep them down through thoughts and feelings. It is hurting you my friend.  How about letting go of assumptions and judgments of others and just live your life instead? No comparison or envy is needed. You don’t need to prove that you know better than another. Just live your life. Life will be so much easier when you are able to move on from what others do and say and just live your life experience the best way that you know how.