When you are making your New Year resolutions remember that, at this moment, you are perfect just the way you are. It’s wonderful to build new starts and changes into life.  That is a part of the life experience but don’t ever think for a moment that you are not perfect at this very moment as well. Many seem to think that if they were thinner, had more money, the perfect career, or better relationships then somehow they would be complete. That the change they decide to make will make them better and more perfect.  YOU are perfect at this moment. Don’t ever forget that. Part of living life is change and taking the off beaten path to attain something we have envisioned but what you want isn’t going to change the inner you which is just perfect in the past, now, and in the future. Make choices based on what you would like and not on what will make life seem perfect.

You are perfect just as you are my friend. What an amazing unique individual you are!