beth mccain 1

Your power is within you. It is not in the way you wield your power or control over others. The seemingly power that one tries to use over others is from the ego. Not the healthy ego of confidence but the arrogant, self serving, afraid you’re not good enough ego. Your true power is an inner power that is yours alone and it shines from within. It is not connected to others’ power.


Part of the life journey is realizing how truly powerful we are.  But at the same time we are to learn that we don’t ‘lord over’ others with the power we possess.  They possess the same kind of power. It is a loved filled power from within. Use that loving power when dealing with other people.  It is the only power you will ever need. The power from within is capable of anything; miracles, solutions, love, expanded consciousness, joy…the list goes on and on. Use your true power and not the power that is connected to the physical ego my friend.