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When we have successes in life we try our best to hold on to them in hopes they won’t go away. Some become overly confident about who they are during their success. And then there are times where we feel as if we have to fight in order to get life to cooperate and we plead with those times to go away. When we can’t get them to go away we lose confidence in ourselves and even in life.

Do you know that your confidence doesn’t have to be based on how successful you are? Do you know that your lack of confidence doesn’t have to be based on how many times you have fallen in life? Being, in and of itself, is enough reason to feel confident. Everyone goes through patches in life that they wish wouldn’t happen…everyone.  Your confidence has nothing to do with your skills in this physical life. You were born with a divine ability to ‘be’ and confidence goes hand in hand with ‘being.’

You are exactly as you should be my friend. You are already a success from within.