beth mccain 4445

How much time to you spend on worrying about what others think? How often do you get dressed in the morning thinking about what others might think about you and what you are wearing? Maybe you might think you may look more intelligent or ‘in control’ by what you wear. Or maybe you think you look more desirable and that someone will think you are ‘worth something’ because of your outer appearance. Or maybe you may think that others will think you are caring and lovable  and want to be with you because of your outer appearance. Wouldn’t it be better for others to love you for who you are than what you wear?

Do you really think they will love you any more or less and if they do just because of your appearance then is that someone you really want around you? Someone who loves you only for what you look like and not the true you?


You are all you need to impress. Dress and think for you and others will attract to who you are and not what you appear to be.  Let’s take it one step further, shall we?  🙂  How about you live the life that you want and not what others want you to live? Be genuinely you and you will be surrounded by experiences and people that reflect the true you.