beth mccain 221

Many ask to be happy yet don’t realize that true happiness comes from within.  It doesn’t come from the latest technical gadget. Sure, that gadget might help to make you feel happy but the empty spot within will still remain and over time you will want to find something else to fill that void.

Happiness is only found within.  It begins within you and not in what is around you. Begin by finding what makes you happy ‘within.’  You find it by sitting still and listening ‘within.’  It may not happen the first time but as you go about sitting still and listening each day, a calm will begin to set in. That calm is the door to the happiness ‘within.’ Focus on what you are grateful for in your life and not what you feel is missing. Focus on all the abundance that is around you within nature and the the freedom of thought you have. As you focus on what is positive in a day, the happiness ‘within’ door will open and you will feel the light shine…